CyberGuerrilla 2018
Sunday,Jan 26,2020 
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PIC: https://imageshack.com/a/img924/8459/m9qOrv.jpg
WEBCHAT: https://webchat.cyberguerrilla.org/
CHANNELS: #OpPaperstorm.it & #italy

You don’t have to be an hacker to make the change. Things do not happen only on the net. The awakening of our conscience is already ongoing all around the world.
All voices can make the difference. Maybe You can take part to all of this. or more easily, you just have to.
You have to take part to this global battle, in order to conquer freedom and truth.
Our objective is to spread our voice into every politician’s ear, and in every parliament room. About freedom of tought, the war is against corruption and for equality.
Join us, policy is lie, it doesn’t represent you. Medias are spreading fake news, distorted and benighted. Censored in their meaning, so that they can’t reach people’s heart.
So, be yourself the media. Make your own channels in the network! Tale part, light yourself up. be an Anonymous activist and a street artist! What you have to do is really simple:

1. Be creative. Serious and even a little bit of irony is necessary, use only direct messages. Express your opinions and critical against our system. Your must want the change.

2. Organize, prepare papers, banners, posters, adhesives, markers or paint cans. Or maybe just download our already make images and print them.
With very low money you can make real masterpieces.

3. Spread the papers, hang your banners and glue your posters around. Spray on the wall to create some street-art, put your images in message boards around your city.
be organized , meet with your fellows and join your forces. Talk with all the people you can about anonymous, about poverty and corruption that plague our policy!.

4. Take note about what you create, Capture your art or your message with a photo so that it can be seen by as many people as possible.

5. Conceal yourself in the dark, so that you can’t be noticed by other people. Be careful about cameras and police, don’t ever leave tracks if not about your art.
Activism is not a crime, But due to all the recent events, you have to be really careful.

6. If are you ready make a photo about your masterpiece and post it to http://www.imgur.com/;
Than join to our channel and leave us the link that leads to your previously uploaded photo;
We will make a video with the best works made by all of you.

WARNING: Even if your work can be good for us (Anonymous) handle our images and symbols with care, such the world-known Guy Fawkes mask and our slogan.
Your message MUST NOT BE racial.

Good job, make with us. Be anonymous. Be a street warrior.
We are anonymous, we are a legion, we don’t forget, we don’t forgive. Expect us.

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Whoever you are, we are ungovernable! Whoever lays his hand on us to govern us, is a usurper and tyrant, and we declare you our enemy.