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One of YPJ’s assassins Deniz Amara came from Cizre to join the YPJ against the invasions of Shengal and Kobanê. She continues her process of vengeance as an assassin.

Deniz Amara is 21 years old. During the Shengal genocide and the battle in Kobanê, she crossed the borders and joined the Rojava Revolution from Cizre to become a YPJ fighter. She has participated in almost all operations in Rojava, and for the last year she has been an assassin.
YPJ assassin Deniz Amara spoke to the ANF.

Amara said many women had been killed during the attack on Shengal and the battle of Kobanê and added that these massacres had a huge impact. Deniz Amara stressed the impossibility of accepting them and standing watch as a woman and said she joined the revolution because of that.


Amara stated that dozens of Êzidî women have been rescued in the Wrath of Euphrates and Cizire Storm operations that she participated in as an assassin, which has been a great source of morale for the fighter women: “Whatever the conditions may be, the magnitude of hardship is not important, we will not stray from our goals. The leader stresses that society can’t be free until women are free. This is a fundamental principle.”


Deniz Amara said every time a woman is rescued and reunited with her family they get very emotional and the significance of why they fight grows in them and said, “I can’t describe this feeling, this joy.”


Deniz Amara said she has been part of the assassins group for a year and that there are difficult parts to it, but when she has a purpose the hardships lose their meaning and effect. She also shared a memory: “One day, I was told the comrades were surrounded. Normally assassins can’t go with the attack group, but when we heard this we couldn’t hold back. We took our ammunition and headed out. That day we stepped outside of assassins’ rules. We got to where the comrades were. We joined the attack alongside comrades and participated in the operation. Comrades criticized us, but still, it was a good memory for us. And we did some assassinations too.”

Deniz Amara concluded her words by stressing that ISIS has no other option left but defeat. Anf Engilish

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