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For some time now, there has been a debate over whether we should be scared of developing artificial intelligence or not, whether this technology will destroy us or allow us to live a better life. The fact is that ordinary people do not know much about this technology and how it will be used, and even the scientists who work on its development do not know who is using, how this technology is used and what consequences it can have on all of us.

After a long study of the matter, we managed to come up with incredible and frightening discoverys in which direction Artificial intelligence is developing, how it is used, and how it will be used in the future when it becomes even smarter.

The greatest impact this technology will have, and already has on geopolitical situation in the world, to be precise, this technology is already incredibly successfully used to change the geopolitical situation in the world in favor of the  United States of America who uses this technology in order to achieve global domination and total control over humanity.

It is incredible that China, Russia, and India as countries that promote the multipolar world are not alarmed by the development of artificial intelligence. Is this a failure to understand in which direction this technology is being developed and in what way it is used?

We will try to explain how America uses this technology to change the geopolitical situation in the world to its advantage, we will also talk about how this technology works and how effective it is. All this will be supported by concrete examples and evidence.



Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning refers to goal-oriented algorithms, which learn how to attain a complex objective (goal) or maximize along a particular dimension over many steps; for example, maximize the points won in a game over many moves. They can start from a blank slate, and under the right conditions they achieve superhuman performance. Like a child incentivized by spankings and candy, these algorithms are penalized when they make the wrong decisions and rewarded when they make the right ones – this is reinforcement.

Reinforcement learning solves the difficult problem of correlating immediate actions with the delayed returns they produce. Like humans, reinforcement learning algorithms sometimes have to wait a while to see the fruit of their decisions. They operate in a delayed return environment, where it can be difficult to understand which action leads to which outcome over many time steps.

Reinforcement learning algorithms perform better and better in more ambiguous, real-life environments while choosing from an arbitrary number of possible actions, rather than from the limited options of a video game.


Google AlphaZero From the game of “Go” to the game of Elections

“Google AlphaZero a single algorithm thet taught itself from scratch how to master the game of Chess, Shogi ang Go, convincingly beating a world champion program in each case. Alpha Zero’s ability to learn each game by itself results in a distinctive, creative and dynamic playing style.”

It is this kind of Reinforcement learning algorithm that solved the problem of optimization loop for human behavior (behavior modification).

  We saw how AlphaZero started learning from scratch and in a very short time became the best player, and won against the best players in the world in one of the most complex games that exist.

  The similar algorithms are now used to play with our psychology and with our political views. We are entering a post-democratic world where technology has enabled complete control of democratic processes and psychology of entire nations.


  1. The observation of changes in the number of Bolsonaro’s supporters: From the 2013 research “Private traits and attributes are predictable from digital records of human behavior(1), we learned how much information Facebook has about all of us. We also learned that Facebook knows the political views of all of us, It’s the same with google and all other social networks.


  1. Information management: The management of the information that is shown to us, amplifycation, the manipulation of the likes and dislikes, all these can be tools that the reinforcement learnint algorithm uses to achieve the goal.

Reinforcement learning loop for human behavior (2) (Behavior modification) used in the latest Brazilian elections



Same model and algorithm can be used for many other purposes. For example, the expansion of Ruso-Phobia or Sino-Phobia, the spread of radicalism, secessionism, the destabilization of states, possibilities are infinite. Even a nuclear war can be a consequence if this technology is used to spread hatred between the two nuclear states. This proves that artificial intelligence is more dangerous.


Positive social reinforcement
Dopamine reward stimulation effect

We have selected two examples of amplified twitts. We could not determine how tweets were amplified, whether the bots were used for that purpose, or it was manipulation of the numbers. Twitter does not provide complete insight into who liked and shared tweets. This design allows for unhindered and concealed manipulation with numbers of likes and shares, or the use of bots for the same purpose.

    Increased amplification of posts on Twitter is visible very often. It is most often visible when America wants to push a certain narrative. Almost all members of the American establishment are amplified on social networks, and politicians that America supports in other countries. Some american journalists, and almost all narratives that the US supports have also been amplified.

This kind of amplification has a double effect, it has a psychological effect on people who publish tweets because this will reinforce their belief and put them under the impression that they are part of a supportive majority. And this has an effect on the public who thinks such narratives are true, and that most people support them. People easily confuse truth and popularity, what is popular is the truth, and what is unpopular is becoming a lie. Entire generations of people are programmed to think in this way, and for this reason it is very easy to manipulate them.

An example of dopamine driven feedback loop
(Dopamine reward stimulation effect)
The same methods are used on youtube and facebook


Dopamine reward stimulation effect

The more the rewards, the more we are psychologically manipulated to post again in the same narrative to get likes, hearts, thumbs ups, and comments. This way, you will get trapped in this vicious cycle just like how people are getting addicted to drugs.

The best example of artificial intelligence in one picture.
We will call this image: “I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream”


Chamath Palihapitiya (early senior executive at Facebook)
13.11.2017; https://youtu.be/PMotykw0SIk

“It literally is a point now where I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works, that is truly where we are. “

The short-term dopamine driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works. “

“Bad actors can now manipulate large swaths of people to do anything you want, it’s just a really, really bad state of affairs and we compound the problem right we curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we get rewarded in these short-term signals hearts, likes, thumbs up and we conflate that with value and we conflate it with truth and instead what it really is, is fake brittle popularity, think about that compounded by two billion people and then think about how people react then to the perceptions of others, it’s just a, it’s really bad, it’s really really bad.”



Elon Musk (former investor in DeepMind) – Joe Rogan Experience #1169

“Well, I mean, you could argue that any group of people, like a company is essentially a cybernetic collective of people and machines. That’s what a company is. And then, there are different levels of complexity in the way these companies are formed. And then, there’s a sort of, like a collective AI in the Google, sort of, Search, Google Search, you know, wherewe’re all sort of plugged in as like nodes on the network, like leaves on a big tree.

And we’re all feeding this network with our questions and answers. We’re all collectively programming the AI. And Google plus all the humans that connect to it are one giant cybernetic collective. This is also true of Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and all thesocial networks. They’re giant cybernetic collectives.”

“We mentioned all those things, the sort of primal drives there’s all of the things that we like, and hate, and fear, they’re all there on the internet. They’re a projection of our limbicsystem.”

“In some measure, like, it’s to the success of these online systems. It’s sort of a function of how much limbic resonance they’re able to achieve with people. The more limbic resonance, the more engagement.”

“I try to convince people to slow down. Slow down AI to regulate AI. That’s what’s futile. Itried for years, and nobody listened.”



Elon Musk (former investor in DeepMind) – July 15, 2017 MSM News

But the thing that’s most dangerous is, and it’s the hottest to kind of wrap, kind of get your arms around because it’s not a physical thing is kind of a deep intelligence in the network. He said: “Well what harm could a deep intelligence in the network do?” So well it could start a war by doing fake news and spoofing email accounts and fake press releases and just by, you know, manipulating information. The pen is mightier than the sword.





    Social networks played a major role in all occurrences before the revolution in Ukraine, during the revolution, and today they play a major role after the pro-American regime was installed in Ukraine.

Ukraine is the most striking example of the American hybrid war. In Ukraine, all elements of the (AI-driven) hybrid war can be easily identified and understood because of their aggressive use.


The main task of American hybrid war in Ukraine:

  • Do not allow the creation of new political movements
  • Do not allow the creation and accumulation of dissatisfaction on the Internet towards the political elite
  • Maintain and promote anti-Russian feelings
  • Create a division among political groups that are pro-American and make them dominant in order to create controlled democracyMake pro American politicians, journalist, sites and newspapers popular on social networks·
  • Pro Russian content must not become a mainstream·
  • Manipulation of the population through manipulation with the likes and dislikes·
  • Separate Ukraine from Russia in all fields. Language, religion, culture, history·
  • To make the assurance that the Russian and Ukrainian internet filter balloons are as separate as possible, exception should be made with the opposition we support in Russia whose material should also be aggressively promoted towards Ukrainian citizens.

The Americans realized that pro-American politicians and policies that Ukraine is pursuing are not popular with most of the Ukrainian people. Politicians and political parties that America has put into power after the violent change of democratically elected authorities do not have the majority support of the people. For these reasons, the Americans have boosted their (AL-driven) hybrid war to modify the behavior of the Ukrainian population.

Americans demanded that the Ukrainian authorities block the Russian social networks and search engine VK, Odnoklasniki and Yandex. This was done because Americans were afraid that these social networks over which they did not have control would be used for political debates and that this could have significant effects on the political situation and upcoming elections. Also, American fears are constant that Russia will also create artificial intelligence on these social networks.

Ukraine has become a digital colony and the Ukrainian people are laboratory rats over which America is experimenting with their new strategic weapon called Artificial Intelligence.

By effectively removing Russian social networks and search engines, the Ukrainian population has completely switched to American analogies over which America has full control and the last window for an uncontrolled Internet is closed to them. Americans have eliminated every obstacle and difficulty for full control of the Ukrainian population with artificial intelligence. Ukraine has become a polygon in which America test and train its Artificial Intelligence.

Fascism in Ukraine is also the result of an aggressive hybrid war. The Second World War period is almost the only historical moment in which there is a historical rift between Russia and Ukraine. This moment has been selected by American geopolitical strategists as an excellent basis for building a new Ukrainian identity and history that will be completely anti-Russian, and for this reason good for American geopolitical interests. The Americans created a sufficiently large filter balloon of fascist ideologies and fascist advocates that has a huge impact on the political life of the whole Ukranian nation.

Young adults are mostly affected because they are most exposed to social networks and therefore to artificial intelligence. Looking at the fascist protests in Kiev, we will easily conclude that the number of young adults is dominant.


Phenomenon of fascism in Eastern Europe

The American hybrid war is being waged throughout Eastern Europe, the spread of anti-Russian sentiments and the creation of controlled democracies is a basic goal. As a result we have more and more young people in Eastern Europe who openly propagate Fascist ideology. In the same way that Facebook predicts your political attitudes, psychological traits, and countless other information with the help of artificial intelligence, Facebook and other US companies that collect huge amounts of data can with a hundred percent precision identify all their users who are the supporters of the fascist ideology. When they know who the fascists are Americans then can target specific propaganda towards these parts of society. In the case of Eastern Europe, the propaganda is anti-Russian and anti-Soviet.

By doing this, they create an army of radicalized anti-Russian fascists who are destroying and deflecting Soviet and Russian monuments all of Eastern Europe. This has a major impact on the political situation in those countries, which are increasingly anti-Russian.


Artificial intelligence hybrid war – Preparations for elections

    In an interview given by early senior executive at Facebook Chamath Palihapitiya, we learned that people are very easily confusing the truth with popularity. Materials that are liked and popular are perceived as true, and those materials that are disliked are most often understood as untrue or something bad.

We also learned that “bad actors can now manipulate large swaths of people to do whatever they want”.

Until the end of May 2018, the Facebook profile of Poroshenko has a steady growth of several thousand followers on a monthly basis. In June, Poroshenko profile on Facebook gets more than three hundred thousand followers. This trend of abnormally large numbers of followers continues for months and the pofile in a short time gets millions of followers, effectively becoming one of the most popular Facebook profiles in the country.


Poroshenko and Tymoshenko

    The phenomenon is not visible only on Poroshenko profile, but it also happens with profiles of other pro-American politicians and presidential candidates in that country. So a completely identical phenomenon is also visible on the profile of Tymoshenko. We see a great similarity on the graphs that indicate the numbers of followers. A great similarity indicates that identical methods and algorithms were used to increase the popularity of their profiles.


Pro American politicians are becoming popular and dominant. Americans are proving to everyone that the concept of democracy in the new world of artificial intelligence is no longer possible.

Ukraine has become a digital colony of America. Ukrainian people have become laboratory rats that do not understand that experiments are being conducted over them. By taking control of the virtual, America completely took control of their reality.

The entire Ukrainian Internet has become a completely distorted reality, completely controlled and manipulated. Artificial intelligence has enabled this large scale manipulation which is so massive that it is no longer possible to know what is manipulated and what is not, what is amplified and what is hidden from users, whose popularity is real and whose is fake.

Elon Musk in an interview in which he spoke of the dangers posed by artificial intelligence he proposed the book “I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison. It is precisely the Pro-Russian politicians in the Ukraine who find themselves in such a situation that they have no mouth and they must scream. Their voice and the voice of the Russian people is completely extinguished and non-existent. Pro Russian politicians, of course, did not become popular on the Internet, so they are not popular either in real life despite the fact that much more than a third of Ukrainians are pro-Russian oriented.

    The final goal is to create a fake, controlled democracy in which only pro American politicians and political parties will be dominant, and the whole democracy will take place among them, and pro Russian politicians will be marginalized and demonized. America is trying to establish this concept of controlled democracy in almost all European countries and other regions of the world, they successfully implemented this concept in a significant number of East European countries in which Russo-phobia has become a central policy that unites them.






President Emmanuel Macron dreams of making Europe a sovereign, powerful and independent. He, from the very beginning of his career as a French president, is struggling to make Europe more sovereign. Starting from the European Aircraft project and refusing to buy American military technology to the fight for digital sovereignty.


Macron is the first European leader to understand the dangers posed by American Internet companies and artificial intelligence. He publicly promotes the control of Internet companies and at the same time promotes the development of European analogues to American companies. He understood that the sovereignty of France and all of Europe was in great danger.

For these reasons, the United States has begun a strong and aggressive (Al-driven) hybrid war against Macron. Artificial Intelligence was used as a weapon to spread anti-Macron feelings. The yellow vests and protests in France are the result of the American AL driven hybrid war. The goal is to destabilize France and Macron so that it will not be able to deal with the Construction of European Sovereignty.

If we don’t regulate the internet, the risk is to upset the fundamentals of democracy,” said Macron on November 12. “If we don’t regulate [companies’] relations to data, the rights our citizens have on their own data, their access and sharing – what is the point of democratically elected government?”

At the same time as a strong (AL-driven) hybrid war against the French president the American and British media are incredibly silent about the protests in that country and, of course, the Russian media dominate the reporting. This creates an illusion of Russian interference and involvement in the events in France, Americans use artificial intelligence to amplify Russian media and all those who have been accused of being Russian bots, and with these materials target citizens who are the most radical anti Macron-oriented to create a anti-Macron narrative filter balloon. With the help of this hybrid action, America achieves two goals, successfully turn France against Russia and successfully destabilize Macron in creating European sovereignty. This creates a great basis for further American and British demonization of Russia, and this is used to further distract the attention of France and Germany in the wrong direction.

Bernard Benhamou, a former government official and analyst at the Institute for Digital Sovereignty, laments the lack of an digital industrial policy to support the development of the future big players, despite the government’s rhetoric.

“We need to think about digital sovereignty not in a defensive way like it’s often done but by inventing the companies of tomorrow,” he says. “Europe and France are reacting to the situation. Instead, we need to develop industrial and economic policies to create the next tech giants.

For him, Europe and France need to create alternatives to American and Chinese tech titans, support budding startups that often relocate or get bought by American investors but also invest in growing technologies like artificial intelligence. The issue is the next battlefield for sovereignty since data is critical to its development. China and the US have already understood what’s at stake.



   The only country that is protected by the impact of this technology is China, where companies such as Google (Instagram, Youtube) Twitter and Facebook and other have no access. It is precisely this reason why America sees China as ‘the biggest long-term problem. American geopolitical strategists have added the effects of artificial intelligence into their calculations, and they consider that the problem of Russia and India will be solved by the change of regime, culture and with control of the population with the help of this technology. They are already seeing China as the last obstacle to full domination and are therefore focused on thinking about how to break China by encircling its territory with missile systems and short-range nuclear missiles while at the same time making economic pressure and spreading anti-Chinese feelings with the help of artificial intelligence

US is putting pressure on China in a “whole series of areas” and is pushing for “unity among its allies on China policy”.


If we understand the way how Americans use artificial intelligence, then it will be clear to us why Americans are putting pressure on Huawai.


The one that dominates hardware and hardware technologies will dominate the software and the artificial intelligence. In the event that China begins to dominate the production of semiconductor and other hardware technologies, this will mean China’s dominance in software technologies as well. China is the only country that can endanger the American monopoly in hardware and software. The American strategy is focused on slowing Chinese technological development to gain enough time to change the geopolitical situation in much of the world to its advantage with the help of artificial intelligence. This will allow America to control and dominate over most of the humanity, which will mean almost certain defeat for China. That is why America uses all the capacities of its national power to halt and hinder China’s technological development.

In countries where American artificial intelligence dominates, it is entirely expected that US companies will have an edge over Chinese companies (and companies from other countries) which will also have implications for the Chinese economy.

George Soros an American-British agent of influence is already calling for pressure on Chinese Internet companies developing artificial intelligence. America is likely to use its monopolistic position to ban Chinese or any other companies that threaten the dominance of American companies such as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Banning can also be expected from states that have lost sovereignty (in which America has changed the political situation with the help of artificial intelligence), these countries will surely become Sino-Phobic and Russian-phobic on the long run due to artificial intelligence that will spread such feelings.

For all this time Google and other American companies are aggressively trying to enter the Chinese market…


American Fear of a nuclear war

    Fear of a nuclear war as a result of China or Russia finding out how America uses Artificial Intelligence is growing in America and is likely to grow more and more. For this reason, America is coming out of the INF agreement on the prohibition of medium-range missiles with the aim of encircling China and Russia with a large number of such rockets.


The artificial inteligence hybrid war that America wages against Russia has great results, the situation in Russia is increasingly politicized and destabilized, Putin’s popularity is steadily decreasing, more and more young people are brainwashed. Such a trend is likely to end with a colorful revolution, complete political chaos and destabilization of the country which will lead to a complete loss of sovereignty. Balkanization of Russia is also a very possible scenario, artificial intelligence makes it easy to do such a thing. America can not do the same in China, American Internet companies do not have access to the Chinese population and therefore it is impossible to wage artificial intelligence hybrid war against China and the Chinese population.

Russophobia and Sinophobia will grow in the countries that surround Russia and China. The rise of fascism can be expected in Eastern Europe, and it is possible to expect further very dangerous provocations in the Russian and the Chinese near abroad, such provocations will be amplified and used for further demonization and hybrid war with artificial intelligence that is increasingly sophisticated.

America has almost completely taken over control of South America, with only a few sovereign countries remaining. They have decided to take control of the rest of the countries at all costs. This will enable America to focus entirely on the rest of the world after gaining control of these countries. Complete control over the South American states with the dominance of American artificial intelligence, America will have a dominant position politically, economically and in every field. This is certainly a tremendous problem for China and other rivals, who have already lost “battle” in that region of the world.

The next focus of America will be to convert Germany and France into completely Ani-Russian and Anti-Chinese countries and to transform the European Union in the way it suits their interests, Europe that will be completely dependent on America and will be completely anti-Russian and anty-Chinese. Such radical changes will only be possible through sharp changes in the political situation in France and Germany. The American goal is the domination of their companies and artificial intelligence in Europe and will do everything to keep it that way. This will definitely mean the loss of European sovereignty, which will be very dangerous for Europe, Russia and world peace.

The destabilization of France is already visible now. In the following period, we can expect the appearance of a new face, a new leader who will become a hero, a savior and whose popularity will skyrocket, because of the artificial intelligence manipulation, and with his or her growth, French sovereignty will fall.

America has already created a large group of vassal states between Western Europe and Russia, which can always serve as a means of pressure on Germany and France and as a means of deteriorating relations between Western Europe and Russia. These countries are the biggest burden and problem for France and Germany and their plan for European sovereignty and stability in Europe. Germany and France have literally become victims and hostages to American geopolitical games and global domination plans.



Americans realized that the missiles would not win wars in the 21st century. Artificial intelligence is the new most powerful strategic weapon which provides much more possibilities. While China and Russia are developing aircraft, drones, tanks and other artificial-intelligence weapons, America develops artificial intelligence that focuses on manipulating the human mind, focused on changing their political and other convictions. They already successfully alter the political situation and the direction of the states, Brazil is a very good example. It is perfectly clear that China, Russia, India and other important countries do not understand the directions in which artificial intelligence develops, and if they do not wake up now, they can wake up when it’s too late to do anything. And they may never wake up and never realize that they have lost sovereignty, and that everything that is happening in their countries is controlled by a small group of people who control the computer somewhere in the Silicon Valley.

A map of the American AL-driven hybrid war activity in Europe



    Iran was a target of artificial intelligence, and therefore it was supposed to be the first victim. American strategists really expected that the “regime” in Iran would be successfully changed by using artificial intelligence. Things really started to take place as they predicted. They have succeeded in spreading dissatisfaction and mobilizing the population, but the blocking of social networks in Iran by the Iranian authorities has brought the situation back to normal. Despite all the efforts to expand dissatisfaction with the use of remaining social networks like Instagram, and with the google search manipulation, the results are very small. For these reasons, America is seriously considering the war with Iran.

What happened in Iran is another reason for the American pressure on Huawei. Iran uses Huawei technology to control and monitor the Internet. It was this technology that preserved Iranian sovereignty and protected the Iranian population from artificial intelligence.

Huawei is a global leader in Firewall and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology.




A powerful hybrid war against Russia began after the election in that country. Since then, a strong politicization of the Russian Internet, and therefore of society, has begun. The Americans, by manipulating algorithms and with the help of artificial intelligence, made Russia very politically destabilized. Americans then use such a politicized situation for further hybrid operations and manipulations.


The Hybrid War in Russia is done by the following methods:


  • Individual materials that are critical of Russian politics and the authorities are amplified and targeted towards the Russian population.
  • Full control of what and who will become popular
  • Amplification of the content published by the opposition that the US supports
  • Amplification and politicization of all negative events
  • The contents that support the views on “false democracy” in Russia are amplified and targeted towards the Russian population, especially towards the young population.
  • The corruption-related content has been amplified
  • The content that speaks positively about the Russian authorities is targeted to sections of the population who have a negative opinion on this subject. In this way, the result is a very large number of dislikes on them and the effect of hybrid action is increased. (Negative social reinforcement)



A powerful hybrid war in Russia began after the election in that country. Since then, a strong politicization of the Internet, and therefore of society, has begun. The Americans, by manipulating algorithms and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, made Russia very politically destabilized. The Americans politicize the Russian internetwork and thus society, and in such an environment manipulate all these political materials.

Every week, we can see at least a few videos on youtube critical to the Russian authorities becoming viral. This trend is constant from the election to the present. The same thing happens on all other American social networks with all sorts of content. All this is the result of an amplification of material that supports a certain narrative. Journalists, politicians who are part of the Russian establishment receive a huge amount of hatred on the Internet due to the principle of Negative social reinforcement that is applied.

Hybrid attacks are often used to intensify and amplify certain bad events and maximize their politicization, in this way hybrid action is masked behind such events. An example of this kind of event is the fire in Kemerovo, the Americans used this event to implement the information (hybrid) war of enormous proportions. Huge amounts of misinformation and false news have been created and targeted at the Russian population. Manipulation with the likes and dislikes, amplification of materials supporting narratives that correspond to the goals of hybrid action, and artificial maintenance of the tense situation for days and weeks are all the objectives of hybrid action.This case is not the only one.
The terrorist act in Kerch and even a bizarre thing like Robot Boris are events that have been strongly amplified and politicized as a result of a hybrid war. In a short time from Robot Boris, a symbol of the Russian technological backwadnes was created. All this is the Hybrid War with the aim of destroying the morale of the nation, the “regime” -change and destruction of Russian sovereignty,  young generations are always the primary target of hybrid action.


Former head of EU intelligence Commodore Georgij Alafuzoff

“Currently the NATO is contributing signficant attention to informational operations, which “in some cases” are even capable of changing “the geopolitical potential” of states – their culture, national mindset and moral order of the society. Alafuzoff said that “the West” is the only side that has tools and measrues for this and it’s doing this “successfully”. He added that US, EU intelligence plays an important role in “understanding” of the situation.”

“Russia at this moment of the history has no formed and systematically promoted strategic culture. Furthermore, there is no unique national or supra-national idea or national mission, which would be clear for the Russian population. This allows “Western” ideology and narratives to dominate within the Russian media sphere shaping the society, particularly young adults.


Politicalization and Destabilization of Russia

After the elections in Russia and until today, a strong hybrid war aimed at the constant politicization of society and thus the destabilization of Russia is being pursued. To achieve this, Americans are changing Algorithms for Russia, and because of this approach, the political content is becoming more and more targeted towards the Russian population. If we look at graphics that show the number of views on political TV (American) YouTube channels in Russia, it can be concluded exactly when the algorithms are changed.

Americans artificially amplify political materials, critical of the Russian authorities!


Increase in the number of followers and viewers, as a result of the Hybrid War
with the aim of politicizing Russian society and destabilizing the political situation and
at the same time increase the reach of propaganda towards the Russian population.


Changing the algorithm influenced other political channels as well as the channels owned by the Russian state. The goal is politicization of society and the Internet, because manipulation is easier in such an environment. What is really interesting about the content published on channels such as the Russian First Channel is constantly large number of dislikes on the content. A large number of dislikes, which almost always make more than a third, is a completely irregular thing that does not happen on the Internet.

The constant negative feedback towards the Russian First Channel and some other state channels is a consequence of the implementation of the concept of Negative social reinforcement. Videos of this channel are shown to users who have negative views of these content. Thus, artificial intelligence has been applied which has a completely opposite way of functioning than normal.

Or it is an artificially increased number of dislikes.

Due to the large number of dislikes, the first channel is increasingly seen among young people as a channel that spreads untruth and propaganda – which was the goal of American hybrid actions.


An example video that the algorithm does not want to show,
and that’s why these videos are hidden and can not be seen by a large number of people.

The target of American manipulation was the Russian show about military equipment and technology “Военная приемка”. This show is a target since the release of the third video in the serial about the fifth generation plane PAK-FA. The results of manipulation are easily visible by the number of views, and the reach, which the content of this program has towards the Russian population, which is significantly reduced.

More than 90 percent of views on youtube come through suggestions of content to users. This means that the amount of views and content reach to users depends solely on the algorithm. Last year, the function of the subscriebe button was turned off so that it is no longer important who you subscribed to, youtube absolutely decides what content will be shown to you.

American social networks are designed in a way that should enable easier and covert manipulation. On Twitter, it’s not possible to see all users who like and share tweets. This allows unhindered manipulation of the numbers of likes and shares or use of bots for these purposes.

Facebook for a long time, with the help of artificial intelligence, controls everything that will be shown to us.


Hybrid actions on the instagram and Ukrainian participation

Date of data collection Page name First post Number of posts Followers

Post per day


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12.09.2018     politicanaru 17.10.2016     7369 4628 10,4
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26.09.2018     kremlevskaya_opg 07.01.2017     754 3366
12.09.2018     vse_novosti 24.01.2017     3466 25,6k 5,7
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All pages have large the percentage of bots among the followers of this group (more than 80 percent). We noticed that the vast majority of bots do not have a profile picture, a very large amount of botas with images are non-Russian, mostly Asians, Blacks or Arabs. Also very interesting thing are similarities in user names, names do not make sense and in a large number of cases the names end with numbers typical of computer-generated names. We could not determine whether the bots were computer-generated or were created by the employed people the only thing we could conclude is that they are created at an industrial level in incredibly large quantities.

The contents of the above instagram-pages are made at the industrial level. Some pages, posts an average of 32 posts on a daily basis. All contents are very similar, almost with the same messages, the same phenomenon of bots, which points to us that behind these projects stands the same state and agenda, and that this is a well-organized and conceived hybrid operation. Our research has concluded that a huge amount of propaganda materials and sites are produced in Ukraine and that Ukraine is actively participating in American and British hybrid actions against Russia.

The same phenomena are visible in Iran and other countries in which America wants to change the political situation. In Iran, a similar phenomenon is extremely aggressive, probably because the reason Facebook is blocked.


In Russia and other countries that are the target of artificial intelligence, the phenomenon of the young population that is most numerous in protests is noticeable, this is because this youngest population is most affected by Artificial Intelligence hybrid war, and it is the primary target of it.



American hybrid war is becoming more and more active in Belarus. Observing, we noticed that the main task of this hybrid war is the promotion of Belarusian nationalism and negative views towards Russia. More and more, attitudes that see Russia as a threat to Belarus have been amplified. In the last few years, there has been an intensified debate about further Belarusian and Russian integration. Materials that support this possibility have been the main target of the American hybrid action in the past year, for this reason the number of dislikes on such materials has drastically increased. In this way, the perception of the entire Belarusian nation is changing in this respect.


Brazil, Armenija

A normal observer would observe the similarities in watching the events in these two countries, and he would probably have been troubled to understand what really happened in these countries. In both countries we have exactly the same phenomenon where mysterious new leaders are emerging from nowhere and become incredible and unpredictably popular. Similarities do not stop here By a detailed analysis we can notice that both leaders use Facebook as the primary means of promoting and communicating with the population, they do it in an identical way. Both leaders are in a very short time, in a few days they have become incredibly popular on this social network.

Facebook livestream is actively used by both leaders..

Americans have used all their capacities, ranging from artificial intelligence to the most aggressive manipulations of social networks in order to support the change of “regime” and increase their influence in this small Caucasian country.

Aggressive amplification Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

In a little more than a week, the American media “Radio Free Europe” has become the most influential media in Armenia thanks to amplification and increased targeting of videos from this channel towards the Armenian population with the goal of controlling the narrative. From the statistics we see that the number of views has risen from two to three million up to forty million in a week period, fror the same time, the number of subskriebers also increased significantly. Their facebook page is also amplified, which is today one of the five most popular and influential in Armenia.


Nikol Pashinyan Facebook page likes

The Facebook page of Nicole Pasinjan is also aggressively amplified.


Reinforcement learning loop used in the latest Brazilian elections

Elections in Brazil are the most important moment in the history of artificial intelligence development, and at the same time also the most dangerous moment in the history of human development. These are the first elections in which the president has not been selected by the people of Brazil but by a small number of people who control artificial intelligence somewhere from the Silicon Valley. The people of Brazil were only data in these elections.


Venezuela and Cuba are the next victims

After Brazil, the US focuses on Venezuela, Cuba and the rest of the countries that oppose American hegemony and want to preserve their sovereignty. America uses a reinforcement learning loop for human behavior to change power in these countries. This can lead to total destabilization, even to civil wars in these countries. The only way to stop the “regime change” and further destabilization is to ban US social networks!!!


Britain and Israel are the only American allies

Israel and the UK are the only United States Allies who know how America uses artificial intelligence and they work together on its development with the goal of global domination. Following a successful change in the regime in Brazil with the help of this technology (Reinforcement Learning), Israel immediately received as a reward for its alliance the transfer of the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem. Now Israel is the loudest supporter of the change of power in Venezuela.
Britain has been working together with America for a long time to develop advanced artificial intelligence, a “Deep-Mind” company that develops the most advanced artificial intelligence (Reinforcement Learning) is located in London. Lately we can see irrational British behavior, very aggressive attitude towards Russia. It is just a feeling of power, what contributes to such a behavior. The recent success of implementing Artificial Intelligence gives Britain a wind in its back to act and makes moves that would not otherwise have been done.


“The internet’s purpose is to ratify knowledge through the accumulation and manipulation of ever expanding data. Human cognition loses its personal character. Individuals turn into data, and data become regnant.”



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We are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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