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Anonymous restarts #OpPaperStorm to support Million Mask March 2019 | By Anonymous | October 24, 2019 - 20:15 | Posted in Ops | Comments Off on Anonymous restarts #OpPaperStorm to support Million Mask March 2019

OpPaperStorm is a street operation to deliver the Anonymous message to the world outside of the internet. It is done in simple ways like spreading flyers, stickers and handing out leaflets. Anyone can do it, and for this reason this specific Anonymous operation has always been a success.

But the last few years the teams have been standing by, only to have OpPaperStorm reawakened now in 2019 to support the Million Mask March. As this year the march becomes crucial to make a voice together in defense of a free and open internet, and in defense of (arrested) journalists and whistleblowers. The world is in chaos and the innocent need our help now more than ever.

The website for the operation is OpPaperStorm.org, managed by our brothers and sisters from Italy. They will keep it up to date as much as is needed. You will find flyers, stickers and other related material to advertise Anonymous in the streets.

You can of course also create your own design work and submit it and the team will do their best to upload it as soon as they can. So other activists and hacktivists can use the material. With less than 2 weeks to go until the big street event of the year, be quick with it.

Are you planning to join a Million Mask March? So do we!

To find all locations for the march in 2019, visit:

Anonymous Million Mask March 2019 event list

Are you missing a march or are you planning to start one yourself? Contact information of the creators of the Pastebin is on the bottom, your march will be added as soon as possible. Anonymous does not have any leaders or members, so you are free to start events yourself. Just make sure your march is open to anyone, do not limit it to the ideas of a political party or other group. Read more about this at There is no official Anonymous.

You can also browse social media websites and search for “Million Mask March YourCity” to find other marches we might have missed. But we promise to update the list as soon as we notice the events.

Note: There are other websites appearing on search engines related to Anonymous operations. Be very careful when you approach such places as it is well known that controlled opposition and scam artists create honeypots to collect your money or your private information.

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