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If God Isn’t Dead Yet, Should We Kill Him? | By Anonymous | October 11, 2019 - 20:13 | Posted in CyberGuerrilla | Comments Off on If God Isn’t Dead Yet, Should We Kill Him?

This is the introductory chapter of my book entitled If God Isn’t Dead, should we kill him? It is a play off of Friedrich Nietzsche famous writing God is Dead, and also gets a bit into religious history, modern War and how modern disputes have arisen out of ancient times. It explains in part why I have lost faith in God and why I retired from Clandestine Intelligence gathering.

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If God Isn’t Dead, Should We Kill Him?:

Friedrich Nietzsche once attempted to argue that God is dead and it was us (society) whom killed him. However, what people should understand is that Neitzsche had his roots in Hellenism, Paganism, Egyptology and Polytheism in general. Lucky for you, I am also well versed on these subjects. What Neitzsche ‘meant to say’ is relative towards what you believe. But what I took from it is not far off from some concepts in demonology and even main stream Christianity.

In Matthew 12:1-8, Jesus once stated to a Rabbi that “Son of Man is the Lord of the Sabbath.” Meaning that if no humans were around to worship or practice on the day of the Sabbath, the Sabbath would have no purpose and quite literally wouldn’t even exist. In this way, man is power over God – because what is God or a God if there are no humans around to worship them? So, as you can see, what Neitzsche once attempted to argue, and which was received so negatively by the Vatican, is actually not much different than Jesus’ own words. It’s amazing what a little knowledge can put into perspective – isn’t it?

As I have already eluded, this concept also applies to the notions of demonology, spirits, Gods, the Occult and the so-called ‘forbidden knowledge.’ Are you familiar with the popular movie “IT” by Steven King? The movie foretells of a group of boys whom are tortured by an evil demonic clown throughout the course of their childhood and into adulthood. What they only go on to understand later in life is that the clown feeds on their fear, and if they show no fear, the clown literally has no power over them and vanishes. In essence, their fear was the clowns life blood. When they no longer feared it, the clown was killed. Without their belief of or in it, there was no demon to be observed. This concept is central when dealing with spiritual demons or Gods of any kind, really.

If we were to talk about Celtic Paganism or Voodoo for example, you would know that humans can quite literally summon demons or Gods and make them perform acts on their behalf – usually against their enemies. Furthermore, Voodooism actually teaches how to physically bind demons or spirits to physical objects, such as dolls. Now ask yourself, if demons and Gods are all knowing and all powerful, how can they be summoned, commanded and dispatched by mere humans? Whom is really in control here? Is it these so-called Gods, or is it us; humans? If we thus control them, then what reason does anyone actually have to fear or worship them? Keep this in mind the next time you feel afraid of anything you do not understand, because you are more powerful than you realize.

With this established, lets talk about why Nietzsche wrote what he wrote. Spoiler alert, he was not speaking about Christianity. Rather, Nietzsche was discussing Hellenism. Researching Nietzsche, he had an odd fascination with the Greek and Roman Gods Apollo and Dionysus. Yet, as he wrote his book in the later half of the 19th century, no one in the world worshiped these two Gods anymore. So, if there is no one around to worship Apollo in the 19th century, does Apollo even still exist? But, remember, Roman/Greek Polytheism flourished 3,000 years ago. Meaning that 3,000 years ago perhaps no God or Gods were worshiped more heavily than Apollo. So was Apollo alive 3,000 years ago – but not today? If he was alive 3,000 years ago, is he just lying dormant somewhere today – waiting to be worshiped again? Or has humanities cumulative lack of belief in him since killed the God? If so, then Nietzsche was right all along, and it was us who killed him. You see, this is what Neitzsche was arguing in his book, about the power of belief and worship to give life to not just ideas, concepts and creations, but even to Gods. It’s figurative and metaphorical, but somehow tangible all at the same time – which is why his work has lived on through the centuries.

Lets combine these two subjects into something a little more modern, which also applies to Christianity. Ever hear of the ancient site of Baalbek, later referred to as Heliopolis by the Romans? One of the most stunning architectural achievements of any time period, it was a temple/town built around the worship of one of the most feared demons in modern Christianity – Baal. It is said that merely speakings its name is enough to summon the demon, which is why one should never do so. But even then, this is a God of sorts whom had a whole society of people build one of the most famous landmarks in all of human history in worship of him, but whom can now be summoned by any mere mortal that speaks its name. At one time Baal was a revered and worshiped as a God over the land, but today Baal’s monuments and shrines are literally crumbling into the sands of time – all because there is no one left to fear or worship him. This is yet another example of how belief and worship shapes the power of society and what we refer to as the strength/power of Gods.

Neitzsche also talks about the irony of Saturnalia. But honestly, how many of you reading this even know what that is or means? Saturnalia was a Pagan feast celebrated in December of each year. In fact this feast was later adopted into Christianity as to make the transition for Pagan converts easier to manage. It is not dissimilar to the modern Christmas tree, another Pagan symbol adopted by the Catholic church to help converts cope with their transition more easily. Regardless, this book is not a history lesson.

What I want to talk about is the modern corruption of Christmas and Christianity in general. What do we celebrate on Christmas today? Materialism and vanity in the form of gift giving and feasts. All these concepts run contrary to the teachings of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament and even Jesus in the New. They teach us to lead humble lives free of the love of wealth and vanity, and nothing they say teaches us to celebrate faith and love of God with gluttony and materialism. In this way, Christmas has actually become a perversion of the faith itself – contrived of many practices that were never at the heart of Christianity in the first place, but which were later adopted from alternative religions after the fall of Rome and Constantinople – hundreds of years after Jesus walked Earth.

So, why bring this up? Maybe it’s my mind, but to understand this concept is to also understand alternative religious thinking – such as the Islamic State (ISIS). For example, I remember reading in December 2017 how ISIS members killed a group of Christians for what they called partaking in a Pagan feast – a rather lavish one at that. Islam completely aside, were they not right? I mean not to kill and slaughter all of those people, but in an esoteric sense those terrorists were 100% right; those Christians were partaking in a robust Pagan feast. The worst part is that those Christians didn’t even know or realize it, even though the Islamic extremists did. Yet I bet you consider terrorists dumb, don’t you?

This naturally transitions me to my next line of thought; morality in respect to religion and War. Einstein once wrote how everything is relative, how reality is unique to the individual observing it. He described how two different observers could see the same thing, but both experience different realities – relative to their positioning or points of observation. While this concept was meant to apply to physics, astronomy and space-time, philosophically I believe his words hold true across almost every facet of life; religion, morals, ethics, right, wrong, good, bad – so on and so forth. This is the concept I would like to instill here today, specifically in respect to religion, nationalism and War.

So, to begin, it should go without saying, but Jews, Muslims and Christian all worship the same God; YHWH, Jehovah, Allah, God; whatever you want to call ‘him’ – they are all the same exact ‘notion.’ However, given all of the events that God’s piety has manifested over the centuries, coupled with what God has seemingly allowed to happen to humanity under his all powerful command – War, Bloodshed, Hatred, Famine – by the time you finish the next couple of pages I want you to seriously ask yourself any one the following questions:

Who are the Good Guys?
Who Decides Who The ‘Good Guys’ Are?
What Is ‘Good’?
Has A Belief In God Actually Made The World A Safer, More Peaceful or Better Place?
Given All of The War, Death and Destruction The Worship of God Has Bestowed Upon Society, If God Isn’t Dead, Should We Kill Him?


Religion and evangelism have been at the heart of War for thousands of years now, from Nebuchadnezzar and the holy crusades of Israel to the South American inquisitions and the more modern War on Terrorism. Its been said that the winner of every War gets to write the history of it, whose tale of victory will then be read/judged by future generations for centuries to come. It has also been said that the losing side of every War has quite a sad story to tell. Remember my point of Einsteins relativity? The victory of one side is a heroic and triumphant feat, yet at the same time a shameful tragedy for another. How you feel about or experience the end of that War is completely relative to your observations within it. But I ask, are the parties presently at War today now cheating by attempting to write reality/history as a matter of fact in live time before it ends?

For Example: The War In Afghanistan Started 3 Centuries Ago In 1839, Not 2001

Dating back to 1839 Afghanistan has been invaded an innumerous number of times by British forces. Most recently, with the help of the United States, Afghanistan was once again invaded by Western powers in 2001 – whom proceeded to establish yet another long-term War effort on their soil. In 2019, the Taliban refuse to talk to the Government put into place by the United States because all the Taliban wants is an Afghanistan free of Western influence. One could think of them as ultra-Nationalists, no different than Donald Trump himself, simply just fighting for the freedom of Afghanistan from the hostile enemies whom have invaded their country, killed their countrymen and overthrew their Government. Such a notion would have you believe they are the victims, to be sympathized with and supported – right? But this is not the notion Western culture wants you to believe. To the West, the side whom is currently winning, the Taliban are nothing more than terrorists and the US wants everyone in the world to regard them as such. Rounding it out full circle, the Taliban believe the Western invaders are the real terrorists here. So, does it really matter who’s right or wrong? Who’s the good/bad guy? Who the real terrorist is or is not? It’s all relative.

But you are not me, so I ask you; who or what decides your answer and why? Before you answer, if you were born in the heart of Afghanistan as opposed to the heartland of the US, would you believe the US are the terrorists – vice versa? Then ask yourself, do you have any control over where you are born on this Earth? So why should nationality on its own decide anything for you? I bring this up because these are very important concepts central not just to psychological fallacies, but to also a number of conflicts occurring all around the world right now.

For example, the same of Afghanistan can also be said of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela – you name it. All countries whom were invaded by the United States and Western powers, whom have also had War waged against them. Western society seems to back up their invasions by decrying that these Wars are necessary to rid the opposing countries, and the world for that matter, of all terrorists! Meanwhile, the supposed terrorists or countries they are fighting decry how they need to rid their country of all western influence and corruption! So you see, everyone is completely immoral to everyone else, all the same, and religion has almost nothing to do with – but more on that momentarily.

For the sake of this ongoing thought experiment though, I now want you to ask yourself the following questions. Have the Iraqi’s and Syrians and Libyans and Afghans – so one and so forth – ever invaded the US and UK for hundreds of years on end, causing/funding dozens of Wars on American or British soil? No. But is the reverse of this statement true? Yes. Now consider the fact that as of April 24th 2019, the United Nations mission in Afghanistan discovered that 2018 concluded with the highest number of civilian casualties of any year in history – despite setting new all time records for civilian casualties 2 of the last 3 years beforehand. Moreover, under Commander In Chief Donald Trump, the United Nations had also discovered that US and US backed forces inside Afghanistan are now responsible for more civilian casualties annually than any other party or group involved in the conflict – including the Taliban.

All of these events, all of these actions, all of this death, all of this tragedy. Who was it caused by? It wasn’t Iraq, it wasn’t Syria, it wasn’t anyone in the Levant, it wasn’t the Taliban – it was the USA and UK. The US and UK have caused close to one million casualties in two countries alone in just 2 decades, and are currently at War with or bombing 5 others. How many times has Britain or the US been bombed over that same time period? How many non-combatant US and UK civilians have been killed in their homelands over that time period? Whose really the bad guys here? Whom are the real perpetrators or terrorists here? Then, do you honestly wonder why traditional terrorism exists, specifically stemming from these regions?……

Contrary to what you may be thinking at this point in the reading, I have not yet deviated from the conception of Gods influence on humanity. Rather, I bring all of this up as a preface, because until you understand the psychology of how two opposites perceive one another as different or one in the same, you can not adequately understand any of the events or circumstances presently unfolding around the world. Now that you have begun to see how messed up the psychology of Nationalism and War becomes, why not try to add a little more confusion by entering religion back into the conversation?

Early in 2017 I wrote an article entitled “Why Mosul,” explaining why the Islamic State had strategically decided the city of Mosul, Iraq to make their infamous last stand. I explained how, literally interpreting Islamic scripture, battles signifying the end times or End of Days will one day take place in and around the ancient city of Ninevah – present day Mosul. I explained how, given my experience tracking and infiltrating Islamic State circles online throughout the past, I had come to the understanding that ISIS was an end-times cult of sorts, dead set on manifesting the end of day by using scripture as a road map to manifest/create real world events – as to enact a self fulfilling prophesy by bringing scripture to life.

Essentially, if you believe the words of the Bible and Koran, you know that the end times are eventually going to arrive one day, as well as that there will be a series of events signifying its arrival – such as the re-establishment of Israel in the Hold Land. So, from the perspective of a religious extremist, if you think it would be ‘good’ for your faith to do so, and you had enough power/influence, why not try to pull it off and make those events come true? So this is exactly what man has attempted to do, from the Jewish-German bankers in the 1940’s to Muslim evangelists in the 2000’s. The root of this modern day phenomenon is called Zionism, and it has gone on to become the greatest societal poison of our times – leading to the greatest War and conflict of our time; the War on terrorism. You remember who those terrorists actually are – right?

As the newly formed United Nations enacted and enforced the Partition Plan of Palestine in 1947, the religious scripture featured below came to life and had successful been fulfilled.

Jeremiah 31:1-6
Thus says the Lord:

The people who survived the sword
found grace in the wilderness;
when Israel sought for rest,
3 the Lord appeared to him from far away.
I have loved you with an everlasting love;
therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you.
4 Again I will build you, and you shall be built,
O virgin Israel!
Again you shall adorn yourself with tambourines
and shall go forth in the dance of the merrymakers.
5 Again you shall plant vineyards
on the mountains of Samaria;
the planters shall plant
and shall enjoy the fruit.
6 For there shall be a day when watchmen will call
in the hill country of Ephraim:
‘Arise, and let us go up to Zion,
to the Lord our God.’”

As I will attempt to explain, the actions of Zionists, Israel, Jews and Christians are no different than the actions of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria; they are both based off the same belief, one just preceded the other. In fact, members of ISIS only got the idea of creating a “self-fulfilling prophesy” of their own based off the foundation of Israel decades ago.

As I once attempted to explain, imagine this was you and your life; living in a post Saddam Iraq, growing up in the Middle of a War zone, getting bombed into oblivion by foreign invaders for nearly a decade on end whilst also simultaneously living in an arid desert region with no water, food, resources or electricity, surrounded by death, famine and destruction in all directions, one might actually begin to believe or fantasize that they are actually living in/through some type of end times scenario. For example, there are plenty of Americans whom also believe the end times are real and will manifest itself within their life times, and these people haven’t faced an ounce of the tragedy, struggle, trials or tribulations that any of the people living in Iraq or Syria have.

Put another way, it was the US’s very Wars in Iraq and Syria that first led to people there to begin believing that the end times were real or coming to life – creating states of chaos, fear, War and tragedy ultimately allowing for depressive or destructive trains of thought to flourish. For example, have you ever actually seen the destruction of Mosul? Tell me, if you were religious and had lived their your entire life there, and then all of a sudden this became your new reality, wouldn’t you too believe something divinely evil was happening? Would you not be depressed and/or angry too?

With that established, it is then important to understand that prophesy is not just isolated to Israel or Iraq, Jews or Christian, but the greater Middle East region/Levant in general. For example, it was not for naught that the group called itself the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and targeted these area’s so heavily, and it was for a very specific reason that they targeted Damascus, Syria so heavily at the beginning phases of their religious campaigns………

Isaiah 17:1-3
A prophecy against Damascus:

See, Damascus will no longer be a city
but will become a heap of ruins.
2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted
and left to flocks, which will lie down,
with no one to make them afraid.
3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
and royal power from Damascus;
the remnant of Aram will be
like the glory of the Israelites,”
declares the Lord Almighty.

Ironically, if it was never written centuries ago with the drafting of the Bible, the destruction of Damascus in 2019 or the establishment of Israel and all these Wars would have never occurred in the first place right now. Such is the nature of a self-fulfilling prophesy, it makes itself come true whether or not it was actually true or ever destined to come true in the first place – a very dangerous concept when you take the time to think about it. This notion also appears to touch on the Boot-Strap Paradox and theory of eternal recurrence – another one of Neitzsche’s thought experiments. In any instance however, it all centers around the belief in God and the destructive practices of religion and piety to him. What I want people to continue to ask themselves through, are such beliefs good for anyone? Have they ever been? Is this the type of world anyone of us want to live in?

While the US’s War in Iraq and Syria may not have ever been deemed a Holy War, at least not labeled such publicly by themselves, a religious War has nonetheless manifested itself from it. In a way Brad Pitt was right in Fight Club, our great War really is a spiritual War. It is so sad to think, all of this War and tragedy in my lifetime. Why? Because Christians, Muslims and Jews can’t agree to disagree – even though they all worship the same God. It’s all madness, it’s all unnecessary, yet it is all unavoidable because of one thing; societies combined piety and worship of God.

If for one say kill God, before he kills anymore of us…..


A Brief History of Zionism

As I sit here typing this book I just saw and advertisement for the movie Matrix 4 – quatro! I mean, who didn’t like the original Matrix though, right? It was completely revolutionary and inspired countless of millions of people over the decades to follow. If you’re a fan, then you should already know this particular movie was riddled with many philosophical and religions undertones in the name of symbolism. Zion, for example, was the name given to the underground city of the last remaining humans in the movie. But in the Bible, for example, Zion is the city of heaven. Zion is the place all believers hope to one day be; Zion is quite literally the city of God.

Now, in ancient times Zion was the name of a real city which King David conquered. This city is known as Jerusalem today, the same geo-location and city where the Israeli Empire once stood all those centuries ago. At the height of the empire sat the infamous Temple of Solomon, high upon the top of the temple mount – the base of which is still visible today (The Wailing Wall). You might also remember the name Nebuchadnezzar, the name of the casts ship in the matrix? In real life however, Nebuchadnezzar was an Arab King who defeated Israeli forces and in doing so recaptured the city of David/Israel for Arab control. Nebuchadnezzar was also the man who ordered the deconstruction the temple of Solomon and forced the Jewish people off of the land.

Headed back into more modern times for a second, from 600 BCE to 2019 AD, Jewish and Christian scriptures have always prophesied of a return of the Israelite’s back to Jerusalem – to return to their original city/homeland and build a new empire. It got to the point in the early 20th century Jewish people all around the world had begun to have enough, and all wanted to return back to Jerusalem. As such, a philosophical/political movement began to build and grab hold. This is the beginning of what many people today now call “Zionism.”

November 2, 1917 – British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour drafted something known as the Balfour Declaration, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state in the then country of Palestine. It’s important to note that the letter he drafted was send to Lord Rothchild of the United Kingdom, so many people including the Rothschild family (German Bankers) supported the doctrine. However, the establishment of Israel would not take place for another 30 years to come.

Everyone is well aware of World War II and the atrocities endured by the Jewish people as a result of Nazi of Germany, but a piece of history most people do not remember is the processing of sorting out of everything following the completion of the War. For example, did you know that Israel and the United Nations did not exist before WWII? Together with the allied parties, United Nations and the Jewish Oligarchs, the allied forces attempted to use the then newly formed United Nations to begin conducting a series of hearings over what to do with the rebuilding effort in Europe, how should the land be divided to create new boarders, what countries should get what consideration, what should be done as punishment to the Axis Powers, how should people be helped – et cetera. Despite it all, one of the most hotly contested issues was what to do about/for the Jewish people victimized by the War? What reparations could possibly be made?

Well, in 1947, as a result of centuries/decades of Zionist movement and in reparations for atrocities suffered by the Jewish people during World War II, the United Nations awarded the Jewish community a sovereign state (Israel) in the territory of Palestine – around the holy city of Jerusalem. This is the origins of the problems in the area as we observe them presently.

It was officially called the United Nations Partitions Plan of Palestine in 1947, directly establishing Israel in the area of then Palestine around the city of Jerusalem. However, according to the original agreement/Treaty with the United Nations, the city of Jerusalem was to remain independent – an international city of the World, not a city in Israel. The Treaty also set forth that Jordan and Israel would share the boarders of Jerusalem, it limited the number of migrants which could legally move into the newly established country – etc.

But this was a Treaty which could never be enforced, hence why it has since failed and Israel has violated nearly every condition put forward by it. After the country of Israel was founded Jewish immigrants from all around the world flooded the country by the hundreds of thousands, not tens of thousands. Then, by 1967 the country had grown so crowded/overpopulated that it began to interfere with the activities of surrounding countries; Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Jordan. Boarder conflicts soon spoiled over and the Six Days War of 1967 began. In literally just six days time the Israeli Military defeated three countries on three separate boarders. Israel defeated Egypt to the south gaining control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Israel defeated Jordan to the east and captured the city of Jerusalem. Israel defeated the Syrians to the north and gained control of the Golan Heights. These are all of the disputed territories you now see, hear and read about today. Also, just think about it for a moment here. In 6 days Israel defeated 3 countries? Make no mistake, while Israel will forever decry they were defending themselves, it was a false flag military operation designed solely to capture more land and resources for their ever expanding country – the figures do not lie.

As for Palestine, prior to WWII the area of Palestine was considered third world by modern standards, and boasted one of the lowest literacy rates in the entire world to boot. While it is true that if Europe dispute would have traveled that far East, Palestine would have sided with the Axis powers. But at the time, the area of Palestine was so poor they never substantially contributed to the military efforts of WWII. Meaning Palestine has always been disproportionately punished for the actions of European Caucasians – ever heard of that scenario before?
What you may not know about the Six Days War is that the United Nations, which helped established the Jewish country just 20 years before, called “Israel’s occupation of the lands acquired in the 1967 Six Days War illegal.” To this day the Israeli occupation of Palestine/Gaza is also considered “a violation of international law” an “illegal occupation” by the United Nations and Amnesty International. In fact, The Goldstone Report of 2009 included accusations of “crimes against humanity” committed by the hand of the Israel Government against people of the Gaza Strip and in 2014 the United Nations, which originally founded the country to begin with, was finally allowed to enter into Gaza for the first time in decades to investigate War Crimes committed by Israeli forces against the people of Gaza.


The Blasphemy of Self Fulfilling Prophesy

But as I talk about War, religion, self-fulfilling prophesies and how the world has been shaped by piety, my mind always goes back to Israel. Below is an example of an email I sent to every member of Israels Government in 2019, following a leak of their email lists online by a hacker friend of mine going by the name of Neptunex3c. I believe it touches on all of my previous notions perfectly.

My message to Israel:

Hello, my name is Brian. I am also known as alias righteous of Anonymous.
The other day I was having a conversation with a man who was questioning my intentions, asking me if I was anti-Israel, if I was an anti-Semite, because I express support for the oppressed people of Palestine – that you are actively oppressing. I tried to explain to him that as a religious man I know scripture says that anyone whom stands against Israel shall perish. So how could I be against Israel? What I said to him I will now say to you, because quite frankly I think you all need to hear. I may not stand against Israel, but that doesn’t mean you all don’t need to take a moment for self reflection. I may never get this opportunity again, so I will leave it all out on the table…….
I am not anti-Jewish, I am not an anti-Semite. I believe what the Nazi’s did to you was monstrous – and they created a monster, yourselves. I also know it does not matter what I say, necessarily, if a single one of you disagrees with anything I say you can just label me an anti-Semite, and it will probably stick. It is your fallacy, shield and weapon, all at the same time.
I wholeheartedly believe that Zionism is blasphemy, including Christian Zionists. I believe that hundreds of years from now scholars are going to look back at 20th and 21st century and call our times the Zionist crusades of Jerusalem. I believe we are all witnessing a crusade of the holy Land at this very moment time.

The United Nations Partition Plan of 1947 called for Jerusalem to be an international city of the world belonging to nobody. However, today Jerusalem ‘belongs’ to Israel. This is a violation of the very treaty which founded the nation state of Israel in the first place. I believe the 6 days War was a false flag operation so to speak, a territorial land grab to expand Israeli borders and territory disguised as self defense, yet another violation of the partition plan which founded Israel.
I do not stand for the blockade of Gaza, it is inhumane, and perhaps the most passive aggressive war/military strategy in history. Don’t kill the ingenious outright, that wouldn’t go over well. Instead make all of them and their lives so unbearably miserable and impoverished that they all decide to vacate the area themselves. No one talks about it publicly, but we all know.
I don’t hate Jewish people or Israel. But I hate the fact that Israel is granted immunity for international crimes, its not just your slaughter and maiming of Palestinians around your border, I am talking about espionage and state sponsored hacking. Israel gets a free pass on the world stage for every crime under the sun simply for what happened to them during world war 2. When will this excuse end, if ever? Your snipers laugh and joke when they shoot. I seem to remember scripture reading “Though Shall Not Murder.” Not “Thou Shall Shoot Unarmed People from 400 Yards Away, Laugh About It and Spit On Their Graves.”

I believe that Zionists believe the world is ending sooner than later. Christians want the second erection of the Temple of Solomon to bring Jesus back, so that the end times can manifest, so that they will be saved and Earth brought back to peace after it is destroyed. Meanwhile, Jewish practitioners want to erect the Temple to finally hail their Messiah. Don’t you ever sit there in front of a microphone again and say that you do not expect the al-Aqsa Mosque to one day fall or be destroyed. We both know that for Jewish scripture to come to life, the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt. And for the Temple to be rebuilt the Mosque must fall. Saying that you do not want to see the removal of the mosque is the same as saying that you do not believe in your own scripture, or that it will ever come true, and we both know this is not the case.

I do not believe the world is ending, not even close. I believe that all forms of Zionism is blasphemy. Zionism is based on a principle than ‘man’ can somehow manipulate real world events, politics, and situations simply to make ancient scripture come true or to life. For this reason it is blasphemy, men whom have grown far too rich and powerful in this material world pretending to play God with peoples lives. The arrogance and hypocrisy of this practice should be obvious for anyone to see/understand.

Furthermore, Zionism itself has fundamentally led to the Islamic state and terrorism today as we now know it. Zionists re-founded Israel to make scripture come true decades ago, so now too have Muslims attempted to make scripture come true all the same. The Islamic State are blasphemers all the same as Zionists – you are all one in the same. Any man whom believes in creating a self-fulfilling prophesy is a blasphemer.

Also do not sit in front a microphone and try to deny this or me, you yourself have spoken of the words of scripture coming to life; of the vineyards in Israel being re-planted. We both know how steadfast you are in your belief of scripture, Mr. Netanyahu.

I hope this message reaches you all, and if nothing else you will take the time to reflect.

A Final Message To Doomsday Enthusiasts

As a final note for all you Dooms Day preppers and religious End Times extremists I see wandering around society, lighten up – honestly. Have you ever actually read Revelation? It’s talks of a time that is really, really bad. All water on Earth becoming undrinkable, mass extinction, stars falling out of the sky – all that good stuff. Where exactly are you observing any of this, anywhere on Earth? So why do you actually think the End Times are here? It’s ludicrous and asinine.

On the contrary, the 21st century is the easiest time humanity as a whole has ever enjoyed. The majority of the Earth has electricity, running water, plumbing, refrigeration, automobiles and planes, access to the internet or educational resources – et cetera. For the most part, humanity has never had it as easy as we do today, we just squander or misuse resources so exceptionally. Sure it may seem bad on social media or television every-night, because the world is connected like it never has been before. We just see everything in live time as it is happening now, anywhere on Earth at any given time, so it merely just gives the illusion everything is worse than it really is. But think for a moment, what if we had social media and all of this technology during the Civil War or World War I or World War II I wonder? I bet that world and that reality was a far bleaker place than our current one, we were just never able to broadcast all the madness in live time like we can today. The way I see it, the world is not ending and the world is a no better or worse place than it ever has been, it only feels like it because of how we use the technology being provided to us.

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