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John McAfee meets Anonymous Bites Back on air | By Anonymous | October 30, 2019 - 12:47 | Posted in Ops | 2 Comments

John McAfee is a cryptocurrency enthousiast who has been on the run from the US government for a while now. After getting rid of his succesful antivirus company he became involved with the virtual coin market that is cryptocurrency. At the same time he started to speak out about the deplorable state of the US financial market, and the corruption of the politicans in the US government.

And that last part, that is why Anonymous Bites Back comes in. Because the team would like to know how someone who openly speaks out about these things can still be safe at this point. While our journalists and whistleblowers are being arrested, John is still on the run, broadcasting from safe places. Even living inside a “Faraday” cage. He is directly attacking the American establishment from his social media accounts, and so far has not been caught.

Without discriminating, Anonymous Bites Back has to give him a voice. Because everyone who delivers truth about the corruption on the highest levels, needs to be amplified. Anonymous is a voice for the voiceless, and even if John McAfee does actually have a voice, only a select crowd of people is aware of what he is saying. And that needs to change. History will not treat us kindly if he and the things he says will disappear into the night.

Are you planning to listen? The show broadcasts on over 30 different social media sites at once, but the team will watch the following streams for chat messages:

The stream at Periscope here.

Or use VK that is so far uncensored: Anonymous Bites Back on VK

Because you can participate. Anonymous Bites Back wants the input from viewers. A list of questions was prepared but the real questions will come from the audience. Just go in the chats and ask the questions you want answers to. John made some predictions, like Bitcoin reaching the one million value at the end of 2020. Why does he make such predictions, is there any evidence that suggests it can be true? We all want answers. And the Anonymous Bites Back panel promises to forward all your questions and ask them for you on air. Then John can answer them for you. If he is in a nice mood that is.

The show will go live a little earlier than normal, this Thursday. Make sure to help share because as you know the censorship will be tough to beat, especially on this one.

Source: Anonymous Bites Back meets John McAfee on air!


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2 Responses to John McAfee meets Anonymous Bites Back on air

  1. cool show

  2. McAfee is a fucking bilionaire that live on ignorant general of people, that have fear of take a virus..The ridicolous is that the same virus are write from who work for Mr McAfee.


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